Gym or Home – What is a better choice to build your body?

In today’s hectic schedule, it is difficult to build your body, join a gym and spend a huge sum of money. You don’t have the time or the resources. Performing workout at home is a better option to build a healthy body rather than not performing at all. The four walls of your house can also be a place of an effective workout. All you need is the will to exercise daily with minimal equipment and a disciplined time schedule. Even without machines, you can build your body and burn calories. So what you prefer workout at gym or home ? Gym or home can not be a question for somebody who is determined. But still in case your choice is home then next question can be ‘What fitness plan should one follow at home to flaunt a muscular body?’ Let us read further to know more about it.

First basic rule of any exercise-WARM-UP

First basic rule of any exercise-WARM-UP

Before you push your body for a strenuous workout regimen, it is necessary to prepare your body by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation. Warm-up exercises also help to loosen your joints and increase the blood flow to the muscles.
A warm-up could be a brisk walk in your vicinity, pedalling around your neighbourhood, jumping the rope, stretching exercises like touching your toes, swinging your arms and shoulders, yoga poses or even swaying your waist to a melody tune. Jogging on the spot is also an easy way to warm your body. Twirling around a hula-hoop can also energize your body into motion.


It doesn’t take an entire day for you to work-out on core body strength. Just a 10 minutes crunch workout with dumbbells and pull-up bar can enhance your body image. Certain fitness moves at home can prove very beneficial to the body.


Planks challenges your core muscle especially the abs, hips and lower and the lower back. Begin with the table top pose on your hands and knees and wrists under your shoulders. Straighten your legs and keep your head, butt, and shoulders in a straight line. Hold on to this position for 15 seconds and repeat it 5 times until your knees gain strength.


A push-up position on the floor while balancing on your toes with head, butt, and shoulders in the straight line can help to build your arms and shoulders. You can repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times for desired results.


If you have a set of adjustable dumb-bells then you can perform a number of exercises like walking lunges, chest press and squats. You can adjust the weight of the dumb-bells as per your needs. For example, you can lift heavy dumb-bell in a squat position and a lighter one while performing a chest press.


The most convenient and versatile work-out tool to build your abs and enhance core stability. The Ab-Roller is the perfect equipment for home exercise. Due to its compact design, it can be stored in a drawer or can be carried when you are travelling too. Long use of Ab-Roller helps to improve posture and maintain a healthy weight.


For performing inverted rows, triceps presses, and reverse mountain climbers you need a ton of equipment. But with the introduction of TRX, the issue is resolved. It is a compact workout tool and can take your workout regimen to the next level. It improves balance and tones your entire body.


Weightlifters often ignore stretching moves as they believe it is only for yoga and gymnastics followers. The pumped-feeling after performing aerobic workout doesn’t last all day. After an intense workout, your arms stay in a semi-contracted for long hours. This has an adverse effect on the range of motions on biceps and triceps.

The best workout for increasing flexibility is categorized as follows:

Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic Stretching involves rapid muscular motions like the Standing Lunge, Side-Arm Swing, Leg Swings and Overhead Arm Swing. The Stretching gets your muscle ready for high impact training.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching means you move as you stretch. It activates your muscles pre and post-workout session. In the post-workout session, dynamic stretching will decrease muscle tension, improve blood circulation and relax the body. Few examples of Dynamic Stretching are leg swings, lunges for leg muscles and arm circles for relaxing arms, chest and shoulder muscles.



When you are wrapping your training session at home, few guidelines need to be followed. Just as you begin training with warm-up exercises it is essential to cool your body gradually. You can adopt a child’s pose to restore and rejuvenate or a downward dog facing pose to stretch your calves and hamstrings. A low-intensity workout like walking or jogging at a slow pace also gradually lowers the heart rate.

It is not difficult to start a work-out session in the comforts of your home. The above procedures if followed with sincerity can provide wonderful effects to your body. It is not compulsory to join an expensive gym or investing in costly gym equipment. But the choice remains yours.

If you are disciplined and if you workout regularly with planned schedule, question ‘Workout at gym or home ?’ will not arise. You can work with same result and intensity whether it is gym or home. Hope you agree with me. Provide your feedback on the same.

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