Arthritis: Five spices useful to treat arthritis symptoms

Arthritis affects millions of people in the world, although the most widely recognized sorts are rheumatoid joint inflammation and osteoarthritis. Symptoms of all types of arthritis include stiffness, pain, and inflammation of the joints. while the condition is long lasting and has no immediate fix side effects can be soothed by including certain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories into your diet. Arthritis has a wide span across the world and surprisingly in recent years it is growing in all age groups and races. Research on arthritis to find remedies / solutions to prevent it as well as heal it is a continuous process. This includes food intake also. Some research related to arthritis prescribes adding the accompanying five flavors to your cooking. This not only helps ease inflammation and pain associated with the condition, but it is also a prevention measure.


Garlic contains diallyl disulfide, an anti-inflammatory compound that limits the effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines. It can help fight the pain, inflammation and cartilage damage of arthritis.

Opt for fresh garlic because preservatives may be added to bottled garlic and processing may decrease some of its strength.


Curcumin, the active chemical in turmeric root, blocks inflammatory cytokines and enzymes. Combined with black pepper, Turmeric is most effective which helps the body absorb it better, according to arthritis experts.


Ginger contains two chemicals – gingerol and shogaol – that block inflammation pathways in the body. It’s best to use ginger in its fresh form.


Cinnamon contains cinnamic acid and cinnamaldehyde, that have antioxidant properties to help inhibit cell damage caused by free radicals. It may offer a cumulative anti-inflammatory effect over the course of the day if used in combination with other foods and spices.


Chilli peppers contain capsaicinoids, a natural compound which has anti-inflammatory properties.

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