How to Beat the Weight and Stay Fit?

Bored! Tired! Losing hope! These are the common woes of a person who have lost the drive midway during their weight loss journey. There is no motivation and no enthusiasm left to continue with the weight loss program. However, everyone agrees with the statement, “No pain No gain”. But what if some excitement is added to the weight loss exercises to break the monotony? It will surely help to lift up the spirits again.

In my earlier blog, I had mentioned few fun-filled activities that can burn stubborn fat from your body. So saddle up, and incorporate them into your lives to bring back the lost drive.

Laughter the best therapy:

Yes, tickle your funny bones or do anything that brings a smile to your face. The idea is to stay active no matter what hardships you are be facing. Listen to funny jokes, watch a comedy movie or play with your kids. Just be happy and see how your life transforms magically. You will be motivated to keep yourself in good shape. You can also join a laughter club in your vicinity and involve your friends too.  According to scientists, laughing intensely for an hour gives the body a “mini workout” and can burn as many calories as lifting heavy weight for 30 minutes. So why wait, laugh your lungs out and lose weight too.

Tap your feet:


Music purifies the soul just as water purifies the body. Musicwhen combined with dance, can produce marvelous results. Dancing in any form is the one of the best technique to lose ugly fat and make you look stunning. Hip-hop, classical, masala bhangra, ballet, folk dance, Bollywood style simply makes you groove in its rhythm.


Zumba dancing burns calories rapidly, and you can lose significant weight within a very short period of time. You can swish and sway in the comforts of your home and still lose weight joyfully.

Twirl Your Waist:

Twirling around the hula hoop is another unbelievable method to lose belly fat. Initially, you may find it difficult to twist efficiently. But do not despair, just carry on twirling and gradually you will find it very delightful. It is quite handy, and you can twirl at home or out in parks and garden too.


It has been proved that if you hoop for approximately 30 minutes, you will be able to burn 210 calories as fuel. Hooping helps to torch fat around your midsection and gives you a slim waist.

Grab the rope:

Jumping the rope is an easy and fun exercise not only for the stomach but the arms as well. It is an incredible aerobic exercise that facilitates instant calorie burning. It proves to be an excellent cardio workout and promotes healthy blood circulation to different parts of the body. Do keep aside some time each day to derive maximum benefit from skipping. Skipping can burn an enormous amount of calories in a relatively short period of time. It can burn more than ten calories a minute and tone your legs, butt, shoulders, and arms. Just grab the rope and experience the new you.


Dump the elevator:

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of building fat around the core areas of your body. Medical experts always recommend exerting physical pressure on such areas to give you a toned look.people-who-take-the-stairs-are-fitter-and-more-productive

A simple task like taking stairs instead of elevators at your workplace or residence creates an enormous impact on reducing fat from the body. Climbing stairs exerts a force on your lower part of the body and can burn three times more calories than brisk walking. As a matter of fact, for women who tend to accumulate fat around their midsection, climbing stairs is a boon.


Paddle the wheels:


Nothing is as enjoyable as the fun of riding a bicycle and whistling with the gentle breeze. Cycling not only increases your heart rate but also knocks off a chunk of fat from your belly, thigh and legs giving you a lean muscular look. Those who manage to commute paddling have less body fat compared to those who prefer to drive. Another advantage of cycling is that being an outdoor sport, you are exposed to ample sunshine that is vital for healthy and strong bones.


Brisk Walking and Jogging:

Brisk walking and jogging are significant fat burners. Brisk walking implies taking smaller steps at a greater speed. Jogging is an extension to walking and should not be mixed with running. Both the activities significantly torch fat and enhance cognitive skills. As per medical practitioners, a 30-minute brisk walk five days a week will burn roughly 134 calories and jog 30 minutes a day will melt around 300 calories. However, proper care has to be taken in choosing the quality of footwear to prevent sores and cuts on the feet.

Dash to the pool:

If you are a water baby then why not derive pleasure from it? Swimming is another activity that helps to reduce body fat and keep your waistline slim. Since swimming involves the use of arms and legs to move the body, it proves to be an ideal fat buster. Swimming helps to burn calories, boosts metabolism and tones every muscle in your body. Isn’t that incredible!  An obese person can melt approximately 510 calories by swimming laps for an hour. Those who swim regularly look 20 times younger than their actual age. So lose weight along with wrinkles and be proud of your new fresh look.3692b0561290c5b1d0f37e966327e5bf

All the above activities can be done during your leisure time, requires no extra investment, is socially compatible and above all a complete health package. A word of caution here, none of it can succeed without following a healthy diet plan. Do keep in mind to eat sensibly and at a stipulated time. You will find the developments in your body quite rewarding.

Hope you agree with the message I wish to convey. Do leave your comments and share few more tips on activities that help to lose weight productively.