Intentional Weight Loss & Diet Plans

Intentional Weight Loss is primarily done to achieve possible improvement in fitness and health. But it is also done to improve overall appearance by looking appropriately slim.

Obesity is the major factor for health-related risks and being overweight can be the backdoor entry for many health-related issues which may arise at a later stage.

Weight Loss Arithmetic

In general Weight Loss can be achieved when the body is consuming more energy for all sorts of ‘Work’ including metabolism than it is gaining by means of food. This extra consumption of energy causes the use of stored reserve from muscles and fat, which faces a gradual decline. Obviously, the target is fat loss and not the reduction in muscle strength. Here regular and appropriate exercise comes in the picture.

Weight Loss Diets

Exercise helps to maintain muscles, enhance them even when one is a weight loss diet. Weight-loss diets are generally Low-Calorie diets. As the name suggests, they restrict calorie intake but normally increase hunger pangs and obvious craving for food. Though such calorie restrictions have long term benefits, observations suggests that most of the people who desire and plan for such diet, will not able to follow this plan for the desired duration, resulting in weight gain instead of weight loss.

There are plans which provide short term gain with Crash Diet course. But this is the worst method considering long term effects on the body. Reduction in overall body strength is inevitable in such plans. It may have adverse effects on the body as well.

Hence ideal weight loss plan is the one where it expects to follow a balanced diet with appropriately planned physical activity considering prime locations on the body of the fat reserves. This obviously includes a reduction in the consumption of junk food, fatty food, sugar, refined carbohydrates & alcohol. Additionally, feelings like Stress, Anxiety, Depression also contribute to weight gain. Hence proper sleep, positive attitude and being happy can also be key factors for Intentional Weight Loss.