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The growing stage of an individual’s life starts right from birth till they reach the age of 21 years. In some cases the height of a person continues to increase till they reach the age of 25. However, not everyone ends up reaching their desired height goal. There are additional factors of Growth which affect considerably the growth process.

Additional factors of Growth

There are plenty of factors that determine the height of a person, the most common being genetics. Having said that, it does not mean, that if your parents are short, you will be short, or if your parents are tall you will be tall as well. The fact is you will not know, how tall you will grow until you reach adulthood. But that once again does not mean that you cannot increase your height after adulthood. Your height can increase; however, it will take some effort from your end.


There are multiple exercises which helps to grow height, especially when the body is responding. But there are other things as well, which need to be done in sync with these exercises, to increase the probability of gaining height, even after adulthood is reached.


The topmost of these is proper and sufficient sleep. It has been claimed the sleep is the time, when one’s body grows naturally. Sleep has to be at right time, for a proper and recommended duration (which is 7 to 9 hours depending upon the physical and mental work one carries out) and with the correct posture.


There are multiple types of food, which is termed as exceptionally useful, from the point of view of gaining height.

Dairy products and Soya bean are the best options for vegetarians. Dairy products contain Proteins, calcium and vitamins, which are very necessary for overall growth. Soy bean is a rich source of proteins, fibre, carbohydrates which enhances bone density and tissue mass.

Banana is termed as the most available, economical and a rich source of magnesium, calcium, potassium. All of these three elements improve bone health and make them stronger.

Various types of Nuts contain healthy fats and amino acids which help repairing of body tissues and building of new tissues. Most of the nuts also stimulate growth hormones.

Fresh green leafy vegetables especially Spinach contain all the essential vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, which contribute immensely in the body growth, indirectly boosting height.

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