Cucumber for Weight loss

Cucumber for weight loss is a definite and natural slimming option. People who do not like to eat cucumber to lose weight can try different cucumber recipes. Incorporating these recipes into your diet can make weight loss easier.

Do you also eat cucumber to lose weight? But if you’re tired of having the same taste every day, don’t worry or stop eating it. This is because cucumber not only helps in weight loss but also reduces the excess fat stored in the body by including it in the regular diet. If you want to eat cucumber every day without fail, you can make different recipes from it. These recipes will double the pleasure of your dish and will also be beneficial for weight loss.

This weight loss option may seem boring to you, but you can make many delicious weight loss recipes from cucumbers to salads and from salads to smoothies. All these recipes will change the taste of your mouth as well as being nutritious. You know what Cucumbers are very low in calories and high in water. Nowadays people also use it as a topping. Congregation, today in this article we are going to tell you about different healthy and delicious recipes made from cucumber.

Cucumber Raita

If you like to eat salad with meals, try this weight loss recipe. Cucumber is rich in nutrients and yogurt is equally good for health. Follow the recipe below to make a cucumber salad.

  • First of all, grate a whole cucumber and put it in a bowl
  • Squeeze out the excess water and add 2 cups of yogurt
  • You can add cumin powder, a pinch of chaat masala, half a teaspoon of black pepper and sandhav salt to the salad to enhance the taste.
  • You can also add half a cup of onion to the curd.
  • Cucumber tasty salad is ready for weight loss

Cucumber Salad

Dietitians often recommend eating a nutritious salad before lunch. It is considered extremely beneficial for instant weight loss. It can be consumed regularly by preparing a lip smacking salad in the process of weight loss. Follow the recipe below to make it.

  • Cut cucumber, tomato, carrot, half a cup of cabbage and onion in a plate
  • Mix all the above ingredients together in a bowl
  • Add salt, pepper and chaat masala to taste
  • You can also add pomegranate seeds to this salad to enhance the taste
  • Delicious cucumber salad is ready!
  • You can consume this salad once or twice a day to lose weight

Cucumber Curry

You may have made many curries to date but have you ever tried cucumber curry? This curry tastes great but it also helps a lot in weight loss. Follow the recipe below to make cucumber curry.

  • Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan
  • Add half a teaspoon of cumin seeds and 4-5 curry leaves and fry in oil
  • Reduce heat and add half teaspoon of turmeric powder and half teaspoon of red chili powder
  • Now add salt and two chopped cucumbers
  • Mix all ingredients well
  • Cover the pan and cook the cucumber on low heat for about 10 minutes
  • Now finally add a cup of milk to the curry and keep stirring
  • Cover the pan and cook the mixture again for five minutes
  • Cucumber curry is ready
  • Garnish with cilantro and cumin powder

Cucumber Smoothie

This smoothie made from cucumber is not only a wonderful weight loss drink but also cools the body by drinking it in summer. This drink keeps your body hydrated throughout the day. Follow the recipe below to make a cucumber smoothie.

  • First put 1 cucumber, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp vegetable seeds, 5 mint leaves in a mixer bowl and grind all the ingredients finely.
  • Add 1 cup coconut water
  • After all the ingredients are mixed, add a pinch of chaat masala and salt to this drink
  • If you want to get your body in shape in a short time and get a slim fit, drink this smoothie every morning or evening without fail. This special drink of cucumber will not only help you lose weight but in a few days you will be fit

Other health benefits of cucumber

Cucumbers contain flavonoids and tannins which protect us from chronic diseases. Therefore, you must consume cucumber to prevent illness. Cucumber contains 96% water. If you consume the right amount of cucumber, your daily water needs will be easily met. Cucumber is a good source of fiber and water and helps to speed up constipation and digestion. Vitamin B reduces anxiety and also eliminates the harmful effects of stress, so you can avoid stress by consuming cucumber. The antioxidants and silica in it reduce the circles under the eyes. It also absorbs heat from the eyes and cools the eyes.

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