Fat rich food

Generally in winter days, people tend to eat more. It is a natural reaction of body to gain more heat. But one should be careful about what items one should eat regularly. If unavoidable, it is advisable to restrict quantity of fat rich food. Include those foods in your diet which are good for your health. So let us know which foods you should restrict even in winters.

Otherwise also people are worried that they are becoming fat. Now when you enjoy delicious food at weddings, it is inevitable to be fat. Now in such a situation it is important that you stay away from those foods which have a bad effect on your health. Include those foods in your diet which are good for your health. So apart from winter days, one should be careful about foods which increase fat. We have prepared a short list items which should not be overconsumed as a part of regular diet.

Gheewale Parathe

Eating parathas is not a wrong thing. But as you also know that oil, butter or desi ghee is used excessively to make parathas, which increases the amount of cholesterol in our blood. Excessive amount of cholesterol is very harmful for our body. In such a situation, it is important that you divert your attention from the Gheewala parathas and consume more rotis.

Oily Vegetable preparations

Vegetable preparations are unavoidable part of Indian diet. Historically, we use to prepare vegetable items with controlled use of oil and spices. But nowadays, this trend has changed and people prefer those vegetable items, which have lots of butter, oil and ghee. This is because, vegetables cooked with higher percentange of oil or butter, tend to test much better. One should be very cautios about such vegetable preparations as they are consumed daily.

Cheese Burger

Even though you may like these things in food, but let us tell you that in reality it has a wrong effect on your liver. Cheese burger is not beneficial for the liver at all. Because high saturated fat is found in it. Which damages your liver. Due to which your digestive system also has a huge effect. In such a situation it is important that you do not consume cheese burgers.

Fried Items

Tongue rolling and lip smacking snacks are so widely available on roads, shops, thelas that one gets attracted to it very easily, especially when one is hungry. But remember, most of these shops reuse oil in such an extreme way, that it generates absolutely toxic material. Fried items in such oil is absolutely disaster for the body. Soar throat, upset stomach are common symptoms with it. But long term effects of increased cholesterol, fat and risk of heart diseases is a grave danger.

Dry Fruit and Nuts

Nuts are really good for health, but only if they are consumed in correct size and with some restrictions. Overconsuming of dry fruits and nuts, bound to increase fat as they have natural tendency to gain weight.

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