Why do I Look skinny & how to achieve healthy weight gain?

If searched one will get at least 100’s of people asking the question ‘Why do I look skinny ?’. Some words here and there in this question but it is true that many people think every day on healthy weight gain issues. We try to answer each of them daily. After doing this for over 2 years, we felt the need to provide a comprehensive content that can help you to understand and make suitable changes to achieve healthy weight gain.

Let’s start with the common questions most people ask us.

“I’m eating as much as i can, including fat, oils, butter, protein but still I’m looking skinny and underweight”

“I focus on doing weight lifting. I am taking supplements referred by experts. Still I end up losing my weight or not able to maintain the weight gain”

“May be I have a genetic level issue that stops me from adding more muscle and weight”

“I really look like a school boy even at the age of 25 due to my thin looks, I want to build my body but I’m not able to, do I have any disease!”

If you also sharing any of the above concerns for you or for your loved ones, then this piece of blog will help you get more clarity and confidence.

“India hold’s 40% of world’s underweight population”

India is the most Underweight Country

It’s not surprise for you to believe this fact isn’t it? If you are thinking poverty, nutrients, economy, money, expenses, large families and inflation are the key reasons for the underweight status, then you are partially correct. The rest lies in understanding the key elements involved in being underweight, we call it “Knowing the Science behind Weight Gain”.

Late in 1960, there was an experiment conducted in Vermont State Jail, US. Volunteered prisoners who are underweight were overfed, until they increase their body weight gain by 25%. Surprisingly the study found out that,80% of these volunteers could easily restore back to their normal weight without much effort. Simply put, they just couldn’t gain weight at all.

This experiment was considered to be one of the earliest science projects conducted in the area of weight gain which led to many assumptions and research on why is gaining weight a mega issue and how to address this issue.

No 1 Reason: Eating Wrong Food, Not Right Nutrients

We know that most of you will always face difficulty in completing the food on the plate. Don’t worry. Your weight gain is not related to the amount of food you eat, its related to the number of essential nutrients & minerals in them that your body can easily absorb.

For your benefit, we have listed the essential nutrients you need every day in your body.

Essential Daily Nutrients

Go through them and check it for yourself. Most of you might be wondering how do I even know whether I am consuming them or not, that’s a good place to start your research on them. you can Email Us for us to send you a guide on the essential nutrients.

Now that you know about the essential nutrients, let us tell you about some wrong views that everyone of us have when it comes to eat

“Eat only when you are Hungry”- Wrong
 “Eat 4- 6 times a day”- Correct

Simple reason is that thin and skinny people will find it difficult to consume 800 – 1000 calories of healthy food in one time.

” Eat till you feel Full”- Wrong
” Eat till your body’s nutrient needs gets Full”- Correct

If you know how much calories do you need and where to get them from, then that should be your goal. If you don’t know your calorie requirements to gain weight, Email us your height, weight and age, we will email you the details over.

” Eating what is served “- Wrong
” Eating the right food and omitting others” – Correct

Most of skinny people binge on snacks. It feels convenient to finish those snacks fast. In reality, having a clear understanding on what that you eat food does to your weight and how to be selective about it is the secret behind achieving definitive weight gain.

Our Recommendation:”Try these Smoothies for Healthy Weight Gain”

Smoothies for weight gain

You can add any of them to your daily intake along with suitable care on what you are feeding your body. It’s also important to increase your body’s ability to absorb all those nutrients and use them to gain weight healthily. MassBuildo is developed to aid any one to gain maximum nutrient absorption in a natural and healthy way. You can give it a try and feel stronger and active within few weeks of usage.

No 2 Reason: Doing Exercise Not Training.

Well the difference is simple. you can gain weight by adding more fat in your body. Consequences of adding excess fat results in 100’s of issues and illness which eventually puts you in obese state. Gaining Healthy weight simply means gaining Muscle. The best way to gain muscle weight is not by Exercising but by training.

The word exercise refers to doing an activity with an intention to burn calories. But you agree that burning calorie is the last thing you need to gain weight. So one must plan their work outs to aid superior muscle development. Get Trained to Grow muscles.

Our Recommendation: “Try Strength Training”

Muscle Gain Occurs when two important fibres Actin and Myosin are broken down, and after proper rest and nutrition repairs themselves and grow. Also consuming heavy shakes and bulking supplements without knowing the side effects will do more harm than help.

Your training days will be split based on the muscle group you are trying to develop and If you are wondering what are the muscle groups, no worry, get access to our Muscle Group details by emailing us right now. We will help you with that.

Each day you target a specific muscle group. Your week may start with a large muscle group and end up with smaller ones. Each Session may begin with few heavier compound moves and transition into few single joint exercises to target your muscle with intensity.

Don’t forget to take 2 days off for recovery.

Email us for a complete full body workout plan drafted by experts.

Reason No 3: Having Goals but Making Excuses

Yeah, you got this. Most of skinny customers have resolved to gain weight at least 3 times before reaching us. Every time they end up failing in their goals simply because of their own resistance to change.

We recommend Mass Buildo to them only to aid them in achieving results faster.The real change or transformation is going to happen only when you take your weight gain goal seriously.

“You have to give your body a reason to grow its muscle” – Not just a positive intention.

If you say any of the statements below to yourself or others, then it’s time to change that

Common Excuses for not gaining weight:

  1. You know it’s a genetic problem. I can’t help it :: EXCUSE
  2. Already I eat lots of food , I can’t eat more:: EXCUSE
  3. Got a high metabolic rate, I digest fast: EXCUSE
  4. Tried many supplements, but it no results:: EXCUSE
  5. Even I eat fat, I don’t gain weight:: EXCUSE

So stay away from these excuses immediately. Understand the simple reasons and options available for you to gain weight Naturally.